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Sunflowers, Veggies, Consulting, Hay, and more!

From our family to you

About Our Family Farm

Welcome! We are a six-generation family farm in the heart of Lothian, Maryland. We are a diversified farm with pick your own sunflowers, veggies, chickens, hay, and more on the horizon. We also provide farmers with nutrient management plans and crop and business consulting. 2023 is our Century year, help wish us Happy Birthday!


Produce Wagon Opening Soon

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Nutrient Management Planning

We provide flexible and affordable nutrient management planning for all farmers. Jeff has been writing plans since 1994 and Kayla trained as a plan writer with the University of Maryland. At UMD Kayla became experienced in writing the following plans: grain, vegetable, fruits including wine grapes, hay, livestock, pasture, urban farms, organic farms, and plans requiring the PMT. If you would like to discuss our plan writing options please fill out our contact form. 

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